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Ice Racing New South Wales

All about ice speed skating

What is ice speed skating?

Skating gear

Some history...

Ice Speed Skating Sponsorship

Check out the FREE opportunities for you.

Research results

If you're interested in how women are doing in sport, see the Advancing Women in Sport Research report. An interesting (and long) read.

A Dept of Sport and Rec. web resource that is really useful!

Click on the image to learn more.

Active Kids program 2019

Have you claimed your Active Kids voucher yet?
To make your claim, go to Service NSW to register.

AIR Selection Policy Announcement

If your aim is to represent Australia in short track ice speed skating, you might wish to look at the latest policy announcement.


Are you aware of the Government's Anti-Doping policy?
There are penalties for not complying and this can happen inadvertantly.
Download the ASADA Parents' Guide to Clean Sport from here or check out this page.


Don't forget, if you broke a NSW Short Track record while you were overseas, register it now!Take a look at the NSW Records to see if you have.
There's a Record Claim form on the records page.


Did you know that people volunteering with children under 18 years must have a Working With Children Check?

For information, go to the Event officials page.

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