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NSW Ice Racing Records


Kenau in top form

These records are for:

  • Registered NSW club skaters skating in NSW
  • Registered skaters skating at a race meeting in NSW
  • Registered NSW skaters skating outside of NSW

    Ladies (PDF 99 kb)

    Men (PDF 40 kb)

    Relays (PDF 32 kb)

    Ladies records last updated 10 Feb 2019.

    Congratulations to Annie Le for breaking a 1,000m record in Dresden, Germany in October 2018.

    Mens records last updated 20.10.2016

    Old records

    Note that some distances for which records are held were discontinued on April 20, 2010. Records before that date are recorded in the following files.
    The changed records are for divisions: nippers, midgets, sub-junior and junior.
    Other divisions were not affected.

    Ladies (PDF 44 kb)

    Men (PDF 40 kb)

    At the Ice Racing New South Wales Annual General Meeting in 2015, in order to make record claims easier, it was decided that NSW record distances would be amended so that they included the extra Australian record distances and to exclude the NSW-only distances, except where a current skater held the record. The changes are for races in Australia: Nippers - add 111m; Midgets - add 222m and remove 1000m; Sub-Juniors - remove 1500m. For overseas races: Midgets - 400m added; Sub-Juniors - 800m added; Juniors - 3000m added.

    To claim a record

    Send an email to the person responsible for updating the respective records stating
    the event and race number, time, and name of skater or complete the NSW Record Claim Form (PDF 35 kb) for a New South Wales record.

    Denali photographed in record breaking form at the NSW Champs Alix-Myra with an eye on the record at the NSW Champs!

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