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The IRNSW Incorporation Number is: Y1118743

The files that can be obtained from this page are in Word format and therefore may not display on your PC in the manner intended. For that reason, flyers and other notices that are for distribution (once they have been updated) are also provided PDF format, so that you can see what they should look like.
Click on the document you want and it will open on your PC. Save it to wherever you want to work on it, then close it to return to this web page.
Update the document here if you make significant changes.

2013 AGM Papers

  • 2015 IRNSW Financials + Letters 2014-15 PDF
  • AGM_Minutes_2013 in PDF format
  • Targets & Outcomes 2013 in PDF format
  • IRNSW CONSTITUTION Changes Accepted 2013 (PDF)
  • IRNSW CONSTITUTION minor amendments 2013 (PDF)
  • Latest IRNSW CONSTITUTION (docx)
  • Statutory Requirements

  • Sport & Rec Grant Application 2016 PDF
  • DeptFairTradingFormA12 for Arrows 2014-2015 PDF
  • DeptFairTradingFormA12 for IRNSW 2014-2015 PDF
  • Miscellaneous Flyers

  • 2018 Endurance Plate Notice - docx format
  • 2006 Endurance Plate Notice PDF format (214 kb)
  • 2006 Sydney Sprint Cup flyer doc PDF format (129 kb)
  • NSW State Training Camp doc PDF format (65 kb)
  • KidzDayOut doc PDF format (53 kb)
  • Australian Open Championships

  • Aust Open Entry doc PDF format (140 kb)
  • NSW Champs Relay Entry doc PDF format (112 kb)
  • Aust. Champs Check List
  • A two-fold Invitation to Presentation doc PDF format (84 kb)
  • NSW Open Championships

  • 2007 NSW Open Entry (PDF)
  • 2012 NSW Open Entry (doc)
  • 2013 NSW Open Entry (doc)
  • 2006 NSW Champs Relay Entry doc PDF format (112 kb)
  • NSW Champs Action List
  • Duke Trophy

  • Duke Trophy Invitation PDF format (58 kb)
  • Duke Trophy Action List doc
  • Miscellaneous

  • Blueprint for a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
  • Membership - No Club doc PDF format 247 kb
  • Permission & Release for camp attendance
  • Risk Assessment for Race Meet (not yet completed)
  • Helmet cover "envelope"/Receipt

  • Race Program/Timesheet tables

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