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Ice Racing coaching accreditation


Interested in joining the next program? You need to start NOW!

A coach accreditation course is run in one state each year.

2018 Level 1 Coaching Course
For details, click on display notice or download notice.

Aims and objectives

Level 1 Ice Racing coaches will:

  1. Improve the quality of beginner Racing programs by greater participation, skill development and the enjoyment of beginner participants.
  2. Assist in the provision of high quality instruction in the beginner Racing programs.
  3. Assist in the preparation and organisation of beginner Racing programs at both club and state levels.
  4. Follow the program set out in the AIRA junior development/badge levels system and conduct badge tests when required.

More specifically, Ice Racing Level 1 coaches will:

  1. Instruct in the basic skills required for Ice Racing and ensure that each skater has an optimal learning environment.
  2. Ensure that fun is a part of the learning experience.
  3. Be able to organise skaters into groups of equal ability and commence a session within 5 minutes of session start.

To be eligible for this course, you must have completed 5 hours of practice coaching plus pass the Level 1 General Principles course. See Racing Course prerequisites below.

Racing Course Content

The formal part of the course consists of the following modules and totals about 14 hours. The approximate time allocated to each module is shown below. (Time taken will depend on the number attending the course.) These modules have accompanying notes for your reference.

The practical side of the course will, in general, be held on ice and, where possible, will be combined with the 30 hours of practical coaching practice that you need.


Time in hours
(Actual times will depend on the number of participants)

Equipment - off ice


    Theory and demonstration

1 ¼ hours

    Class practical work


Video analysis - off ice


Basic Principles


    Theory - off ice




Coaching Beginners


    Theory - off ice



Included with Basic Principles practical time.



    Theory - off ice



Lesson Planning


    Theory - off ice






    Theory - off ice





The Skating Course is accompanied by an exam paper which you can do at home following the course. It is marked by the course conductor.

Racing Course prerequisites

Before you can attend the Racing Course:

  • You must complete the Level 1 General Principles course. There are three ways you can do this course:
  • You must have completed a minimum of 5 coaching hours under the tutelage of a recognized “master” coach.
  • You are required to pay for attendance at the course prior to commencement. The course fees will include compulsory texts and other course costs such as payment for course presenter, hire of facilities, etc. The cost is not known at this present time.
  • You must be 17 years of age or older on the date that the course requirements are completed.

Coaching practice

Too ensure that all potential and accredited coaches meet a minimum code of coaching standard, you must complete:

  • Thirty (30) hours of practice coaching over one season, that is, between February to December.

Go to Ice Racing coaching accreditation for how to maintain your accreditation.


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