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Where does an ice racer start?


At Skate School

At Skate school you learn how to skate and the techniques you need for speed and safety. As with all sports, technique is important. You'll meet other young skaters and have some fun.

Having fun with coach at skate school

To measure your progress, your skating time is tested regularly. You can go fast, faster or fastest at your own pace.

There are measured levels of achievement that you can try for with a book to tick off each new skill as you learn it. There are badges you can wear to show how your skill level is progressing.

What's next?

Once you've got your "skate legs", you can join the more experienced skaters at an ice racing club. See Clubs and venues to locate a club to meet like-minded people.

Depending on the club, you will find they may train once or twice a week, and then, through your club membership you can join in the race meetings organized by the club or the Ice Racing Associations.

In a club, you will continue with coaching to improve your speed and fitness levels. You can also continue with Skate School to keep on top of that technique.

Skate School and the club sessions are supervised carefully by trained coaches.

Is that all?

Not quite.

If you're interested in competition, you can join an Ice Racing Club for team and inter-club races. Races are held for skaters of all ages and abilities.

  • There's the New South Wales Open Ice Racing Championships where you may win a title. Senior Skater at Aust.Championships
  • The Duke Trophy is an interstate race meeting where you may be selected to represent your state.
  • The annual Australian Open Ice Racing Championships includes skaters from New Zealand. Meeting other skaters is a perfect opportunity to swap stories with others with the same interests.

See our event calendar for the races planned for this year.

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