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What is ice Racing?


Racing, or short track speed skating, to be more precise, is a low impact sport that involves gliding along on ice speed skates designed to help you go fast. Gliding along on the ice is easy on your body - far less stressful that land-based exercise. Throw in a little speed and you'll improve your aerobic health.

Apart from that, it's fun and you can speed skate from any age up to any age.
In Australia, we have speed skaters from five years to 70 years old.

In short track speed skating, you skate around a track on the ice as fast as you can, or want to go. Fast speed skaters travel at the equivalent of 30 kilometres per hour. This is a speed you could never achieve on land and it's far less stressful to your body. Ice Racing has been likened to flying without leaving the ground.

You don't have to become a great skater or even go really, really fast. In ice Racing, your speed is entirely up to you.

As with all sports, ice Racing has rules and these are to keep everyone on the ice safe.

Apart from racing, which you can join in or not - your choice - you are only competing against yourself. You can choose the level you want to go. You can aim to become an elite athlete or you can speed skate for fun and fitness.

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