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Ten reasons to ice race


  1. Because it's fun!
  2. Because you enjoy a team environment but you like to develop at your own pace.
  3. Because you want to be involved in a sport where you can shine.
  4. Because you can attend public ice skating sessions with confidence.
  5. Because you want to join a sport that you can do at any age.
  6. Because you love to go fast!!!
  7. Because you want to relax and throw off the stresses of your day. Adults, especially, would appreciate this benefit.
  8. Because you want to get fit and have fun while you're doing so!
  9. You want to firm and tone your body and increase your muscle flexibility.
  10. Because you want to join a sport that you can do in most countries without having to rely on a team.
  11. Because you want to be the fastest, most agile skater in the hockey team.



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